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Aled Gwyn Jôb, Copywriting in Caernarfon

Making words work for you

WORDS are my business

Words to serve as stepping stones so that you can reach your destination… your potential.

With the right written content you can spark customers’ attention and ignite that vital connection with them.

So, why not turn to A Way With Words for that content – an on-line bilingual copywriting agency in Caernarfon.

My business is to make words sing for you…..


With my background in journalism and communication, writing in a persuasive and engaging manner comes easily to me. I can write copy of any nature to suit all circumstances and every audience.


I have a keen eye for what is most relevant and important within any written material. I can edit any copy that needs to be changed, improved or condensed.

Branding / Presenting

I can create names, slogans for your services / products. I can also assist with the presentation of materials etc.


I can translate any material, from English to Welsh, or Welsh to English. I can also help if you wish to introduce more bilingualism within your particular setting.

Who Am I?

I’m Aled, a natural wordsmith in both English and Welsh, based in Caernarfon, Gwynedd.

With many years of experience in journalism, public relations, tutoring and communications.

I’m here to give those words of yours the 3 ‘P’s’ you need:  personality, power and persuadability.

Aled Gwyn Job - Copywriter

My Other Services

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is THE key way to communicate with your potential audience today. This goes beyond the traditional ideas about selling a product or a service. It involves rather shaping a relationship and building a sense of community with an audience. By educating, supporting, engaging and sharing ideas with potential customers. This then engenders trust, trust leads to loyalty, and loyalty leads to action. A Way With Words can help you craft a story-telling narrative which can resonate with that audience.

Blog Writing

Internet blogs are another huge trend today, and they also provide an up to date and contemporary means for you to reach an audience. Blog writing can expand on your content marketing, covering ideas and issues in more depth and detail. They can give an impression that your company or service are really on the button, and aware of all that’s happening in society and modern life. You can read a sample of my blog posts below. My blog service is updated regularly on a thrice weekly basis.

Writing for set occasions

We’re all faced from time to time with a need to pen some words for a specific purpose or specific occasion. That could range from penning a letter, preparing an address, writing a report, or even composing a speech for whatever occasion arises. I can help you find the right words for the right occasion, so that you can achieve whatever purpose you have in mind. I will ensure that the written material reflects who you are as an individual and what you wish to convey by means of your words.

Branding and presenting

Finding the right name for your product or service is a crucial element in any business environment. Human beings are naming creatures, and we are hard-wired to respond to names on an emotional  and physical level. Compiling the right slogan to coincide with a name can further distinguish your brand. A Way With Words’s bilingual service can come into its own here, making use of both Welsh and English and the associations between the two languages to produce memorable and eye-catching names and slogans.


A Way With Words can offer citizen journalism for various purposes, covering stories on a local, regional and national level. Citizen journalism is a fast-developing market away from traditional top-down journalism, with a big emphasis on a community-driven news agenda, which seeks to share news and feature articles on a more horizontal level, encouraging engagement and participation at all times.  The presence of the internet means that such material can be shared and circulated widely, and wield an influence in the wider society.

Simultaneous Translation

As well as the more conventional written translation (Welsh-English, English-Welsh), I also provide the more. specialist simultaneous translation, where one language is translated instantly into another language at public meeting and gatherings of all types. This facilitating sevice ensures that every one in attendance can follow proceedings in their chosen language. Another Bilingualism Bonus!

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