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A community comeback

AS the Covid 19 pandemic continues to create fear and panic everywhere- community is making a comeback.

One such example is the Cofis Curo Corona campaign set up last night to try and mitigate the effects of the virus in Caernarfon.

Caernarfon is a small Welsh-speaking town in north west Wales.

A 100 people came together to the meeting, pledging a strong community response to provide help and support for vulnerable people during the crisis.

As yet, no corona virus cases have been reported locally-one advantage of being located in a rural, remote area of Wales.

But, the locals who came together at the meeting decided that a pro-active approach was needed.

Especially as so many in the town have already decided to self-isolate.

The community comeback will take the form of 4 local coordinators, representing the town council wards.

Each co-ordinator will lead a small team of 10 volunteers.

The volunteer groups will be checking in on vulnerable people in the town.

By offering to shop, post, collect medicines, take dogs for a walk and providing practical and emotional support.

The volunteers will also co-ordinate their efforts alongside established agencies, such as Mantell Gwynedd and Age Cymru.

Community co-operation can perhaps be one of the best responses to the Covid 19 crisis-and Wales are leading the way!