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A new on line working normal

DESPITE all the economic fears about Covid 19, new on-line working opportunities provide a glimmer of light amids all the gloom and doom.

With the government now advising people to engage in ‘social distancing’ and to stay at home if they can,conventional business owners of all sorts are already seeing a drop in interest and custom.

And with the current panic levels stoked up by the media, this situation is not likely to get much better any time soon.

There are already dire warnings about the implications for all business sectors should we find ourselves in a situation where a large percentage of the active workforce are forced to stay at home to ride out the worst of the Covid 19 virus.

But, in every crisis, there’s always new opportunites waiting to be discovered.

And, in this particular crisis, it could well be that more and more people have to adapt to the new circumstances and find ways of utilising on-line technology as an essential part of their working life.

For some, this could mean finding ways to perform their work duties in new ways from home, by means of email, skype, zoom, facetime, or some other interactive appliances.

Others might well use the time at home to ponder new possibilities in life, and explore the options of starting up an on-line business of some shape or form.

The UK government estimate that some 60%of businesses could be on-line businesses by 2030, so it’s clear that there are clear opportunities just waiting to be grasped by forward thinking individuals at this particular juncture.

The beauty of on-line business is that you have potentially the whole world as your marketplace, such is the prevalence of the world wide web today, and the fact that English is becoming such a business lingua franca in so many different parts of the world.

As someone who has just started an on-line copywriting agency : A Way With Words based in Caernarfon, north-west Wales, I can vouch for the merits of running an on-line business.

An on-line business can provide you with a huge potential market, beyond the traditional physical confines of a conventional high street business, so dependent on physical footfall through the door.

It can also offer flexibility as regards working hours and indeed working schedules, where you can tailor your working life to suit your own unique circumstances, indeed your own personality in life.

As a self-confessed introvert, having the space and quietude to focus on what I do best, writing, has been like finding the sweetspot in life after many years of frustration and dissatisfaction working in more ‘conventional’ working environments.

The next few months of ‘social distancing’ will no doubt provide a rare opportunity for people to push the pause button in life. To consider things afresh, and to think again what they actually want out of life.

The growth of on-line working and on-line business of all sorts, is sure to become the new normal for many more people once the Covid 19 crisis is resolved.